Sunday, February 7, 2010


Eric Radoux and The Elegant Bachelors will be performing on WIUX's "Evening Hour" tomorrow night from 7-8pm. In Bloomington that 99.1FM and elsewhere you can stream online at


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sup Y'all

A new Elegant Bachelors song has only too recently been made available on both Myspace and Bandcamp. We recommend visiting the Bandcamp site as we are quite sure that The Elegant Bachelors stopped caring whether or not anyone respected them on Myspace right around the same time everyone else did. Also, the song will most certainly sound better on Bandcamp and you won't have any of those obnoxious ringing artifacts that are so common on Myspace. Still, do what you will.

This is what The Elegant Bachelors have got to say:
"We've uploaded a jam called "Glass Houses" from the new split with Eric Radoux. We have but two things to say about this song and the split. The first consists of less than idle musing on why you haven't listened to everything Eric Radoux has ever released yet. You're really doing yourself a disservice if you ignore this tuneful and all around good to know guy. (His music) Second, the Elegant Bachelors would like to make one thing clear. This song is not named after the Billy Joel album. If we were going to name a song after a Billy Joel album it would most certainly be The Stranger since everyone knows it a generally better album compounded by the fact that side B of Glass Houses really drags. Don't entirely discard the possibility of something named after a Billy Joel release as we in the Elegant Bachelors view Mr. Joel as one of the greatest songwriters of all time and his 1977 release of The Stranger as only marginally less important than the ostensible birth of punk in that same year. To call our love for Billy Joel unreserved would be an act of gross understatement."

There you have it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Been Far Too Long...

... and so many things have happened.

Quick updates on everything that matters:

-New Weakness double EP- Weakness are currently in the process of recording a double EP in Cincinnati. As of right now it might end up being called "Cheer" but who knows how long that will stick. Look for updates as we figure out more about a release date.

-Cosmetics Full Length "Edelweiss" - From what I gather the tracking on this record is just about 90% done with only a few vocal tracks remaining to be recorded. As a side note, I heard a few preliminary mixes of this one and it sounds pretty killer. Many thanks to Russian Recording in Bloomington for doing this album a sonic solid.

-Various Elegant Bachelors News- First of all, thanks to any of y'all who came out to the Elegant Bachelors show at the Bishop last night. If you couldn't make it you should be hitting yourself right about now- mostly because one of the bands The Elegant Bachelors played with (
Bad Weather California
) was not only awesome but they at one point backed up Daniel Johnston.
What's more, in case you didn't know, The Elegant Bachelors' debut full length "Everything I sFine" is now available for the low low price of five dollars here. You can also grab everything else they have ever released if it strikes your fancy.
Also coming soon from the world of the Elegant Bachelors- two new EPs. Even more exciting, one of those EPs will be a split with Eric Radoux.

That was exhausting.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Elegant Bachelors Release

The Elegant Bachelors just released a new EP called "Five New Songs." What's more, the packaging is a very special combination of felt, paint, and love. For $3 it can be yours in all of its glory. However, there is a very big catch. Only 50 copies of this specially packaged edition will ever be made. Ever. Get yours now before they disappear.

The track listing is:
1. Andrea Doria
2. Sleeping Arrangements
3. Mild Mannered
4. Fade to Grey
5. If I Stand

The first four are originals while the last song is a Rich Mullins cover.

Furthermore, on December 1, if all goes according to plan, The Elegant Bachelors will release their first ever full length album. Stay tuned for more updates.

Monday, July 13, 2009

WEAKNESS now available at so many record stores!

Don't care to download their new album for free? Don't wish to order it directly from us? Live near Cincinnati or Bloomington? YOU'RE IN LUCK! 'WEAKNESS' by weakness is now available at Shake It Records and Everybody's Records in Cincinnati and Landlocked Music and TD's CD's & LP's in Bloomington! FOR ONLY $6!


If you haven't yet, check out the album HERE! You'll also have the option of donating an amount of your choosing with a download of the full album. And as always, you can order the thing directly from us for $7. Just send us an e-mail here: .

In the words of supreme musical genius Kim Deal: "Glorious."